Chicken slaughter process

Chicken slaughter process

Chicken slaughter process

  1. Evacuation: Under the full supervision of the team of veterinary technical health officials working in the slaughterhouse, which includes one head veterinarian and two expert veterinarians. All stages of slaughtering, filling, washing and cooling and draining, pre-cooling and packing, basketing and transporting to pre-cooling and loading are done.
  2. Chicken is distributed in two ways: 1- Cold-packed chicken 2- Frozen-packed chicken
  3. (Slaughterhouse) living poultry is slaughtered by trained butchers observing all the conditions of religious slaughter (slaughter is done by slaughter and when the slaughter line is in the direction of Qibla). This is done by the person in charge of supervising the religious slaughter of the representative office. The jurist is continuously supervised in the veterinary organization and the general veterinary department.
  4. (Slaughter line) After slaughter and complete removal of blood, the chicken enters 75-65 degrees water and is ready to be stuffed. It then loses its feathers in the fillings and is removed from the abdomen by a longitudinal slit by experienced workers.
  5. The health technician inspects all the chicken carcasses one by one and removes the necessary underweight carcasses and the sick carcasses from the slaughter line. If the chicken carcass needs to be repaired, it will be repaired.
  6. The chicken carcass enters the first chiller, which is a chicken cleaner and has water at a temperature of 15 degrees, and is washed for ten minutes, and then enters the second chiller, which contains ice water with a temperature of zero to 4 degrees. In the second chiller, the surface of the chicken carcass reaches 4 degrees above zero.
  7. After leaving the chiller, the chicken is placed on the gutter line and after washing, the excess water is taken out for 20 minutes and cooled simultaneously, and then it is placed on special shelves and pre-cooled to zero degrees. The surface of the carcass reaches a temperature of 4 + 0 degrees.


Chicken packaging and supply

  1. The chicken is pre-chilled and enters the packing room and plastics with complete specifications such as: 1- Name of the slaughterhouse of the producer, 2- Date of production, 3- The best time of consumption, which is 48 hours after production. Chicken storage is 4 + 0. 5- Address and telephone number of the slaughterhouse 6- Title under the supervision of the Veterinary Organization 7- Type of chicken (meat, laying and mother).

Note: Laying and mother hens are not freshly cooled to the market, but frozen and only for industrial consumption (sausages and hot dogs). Packaging and transportation and sold in supply centers. If the chicken in one of the three links of the slaughterhouse chain, ‌ transport and in the supply, centers lose the necessary refrigeration, causing interstitial water to leak and blood inside the plastic And it will accelerate the spoilage of the chicken. Therefore, it is necessary for the chicken to be 4 + 0 degrees in all stages.

  1. After packing, the chicken is arranged in baskets of 8-10 and taken inside the pre-cold until it is transported. The pre-cold is adjusted in such a way that the depth of the chicken muscle reaches zero to two degrees.
  2. Transportation: Vehicles that want to work in the transportation of raw animal products, including chicken white meat, must obtain an employment card from the General Veterinary Office of the province to do so. Turn yourself on and bring the temperature of your container to zero to two degrees. Baskets containing packaged chicken are coldly transported to trucks. Veterinary health technical officials have full control over the loading and control the cold chicken with zero to two degrees of cold inside the basket and in vehicles with thermocline and thermometers, and issue a health transport certificate for these vehicles. Fresh cold packaging or frozen packaging for other provinces or neighboring cities will issue a health transport certificate. If these consignments are transported by air to the open islands, the veterinary network at Isfahan airport will control how to send the consignment and certify Issue’s health transportation in compliance with all regulations.
  3. If there is a broiler chicken in excess of the consumption needs of the province: a- The chickens with suitable weight are packed in milky plastics and the title of frozen broiler chicken is written on the package and its expiration date is one year after production. B. If the laying hen or mother is slaughtered, the title of the laying hen or the frozen mother shall be written on the plastic. Enter -35 degrees and within six hours the muscle depth should reach more than -18. Freezing speed is effective in increasing the quality of chicken.
  4. The frozen packing chicken leaves the tunnel and enters the packing room in the carton. E- Here, every 8 to 10 chickens are packed in a carton and then packed in shrink and the date of production and relevant information are written on the carton. All the above steps are performed under the supervision of a veterinarian. G- Technical officials send samples to the laboratory to control the quality of the product and to perform the necessary tests. According to the standard, its coldness should not be less than -12 degrees.
  5. Frozen cargoes are transported by special refrigerated vehicles that create a temperature of -18 degrees. Not less than -12 degrees. For the issuance of health certificates of transportation by veterinary networks of cities to different provinces issues health certificates. Frozen chicken in supply centers should be stored in freezers with -18 degrees cold.



1- Chicken slaughter is usually done at night to be presented to the market at the beginning of the next day.

2- In order to present the chicken in pieces, it is necessary to clean the chicken using automatic devices. These devices include anus openers, a trachea, and two vacuum devices for emptying the intestines and animals of the chicken.

(The site of Isfahan Veterinary Office has been used in preparing the article)

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